New Mt. Zion Lutheran Church owns and maintains a cemetery adjacent to the church as well as an additional property across Mt. Zion Road. Questions about the cemetery may be directed to any member of the Church Council (including the Pastor).

Guidelines for the Cemetery are as follows:

  1. Questions related to the availability, access, and/or purchase of burial lots should be directed to the New Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Council or their designee.
  2. All repair of Headstones and Footstones shall be the responsibility of the owners or family. When owners or family are not available, repairs will be made at the discretion of Church Council and/or Trustees.
  3. Funeral flowers and wreaths placed on fresh graves will be removed after a period of two weeks. Family members may remove flowers any time before the two-week period.
  4. All flower arrangements must be removed or placed on top of the Headstone during the mowing season, which will typically be April 1st through November 1st.
  5. Any flower arrangements that are blown away by the wind and cannot be identified will be discarded.
  6. All deteriorated flower arrangements will be removed and discarded from the gravesites if the owner fails to do so.
  7. No glass containers of any type may be used in the Cemetery.
  8. Official United States American flags (as outlined in Title 4, United States Code, Chapter 1) may be used to honor veterans of the United States armed forces at appropriate times such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Torn or tattered flags will be removed when warranted.  Flags shall be kept to 12” by 18” in size or smaller.  No other flags may be used.  
  9. Other decorations are discouraged.
  10. All routine mowing, fertilization, weed control, replacements, and general upkeep and appearance will be done at the discretion of the Church Council and/or Trustees.
  11. The Church Treasurer shall maintain and disperse all assets of the cemetery.
  12. Visitors are welcome in the cemetery from dawn to dusk. 
  13. No meeting, assembly, tour, service, or similar gathering shall be held on cemetery property without the permission of Church Council.